B-hyve XR Smart Sprinkler Controller Indoor/Outdoor

The B-hyve® XR smart sprinkler controller is the ultimate high-performance sprinkler timer for the best-looking yard on the block. Make landscaping water waste a thing of the past with a Wi-Fi-enabled smart sprinkler system that allows you to maintain your property with ease. Dual Wi-Fi signals deliver a strong, consistent signal so you can make changes to your watering schedule from anywhere with your smartphone. The 8 or 16 zones and support for wireless valves make it easy to add that extra drip zone for the garden. 

Top reasons to choose the B-hyve XR Next Generation Smart Sprinkler Timer

Hyper-Local Precision

XR sprinkler timer controls watering based on your property attributes and the current high precision local weather data.

Drought Tolerant

B-hyve understands the levels of drought in your area and adjusts automatically; you can customize drought settings as well. XD also makes it easy to implement local watering restrictions.


Prevent tampering with the B-hyve App’s Manual Control Lock. You can also have your B-hyve XR timer run in Stealth Mode with the display off.

Stronger Wi-Fi Connection

The B-hyve® XR smart sprinkler controller/timer for indoor and outdoor installation. It utilizes a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band connection. High powered, long-range radios give the XR a stronger signal connection. A stronger Wi-Fi connection means fewer signal drops and disruptions in connectivity due to interference.

Weatherproof Design

Mount the B-hyve® XR Smart Irrigation Controller wherever you’d like; its sturdy, waterproof design features a digital lockout from the app to protect your console or to turn off the display. No external box is required to keep your controller safe from the elements.

Easy To Install

The B-hyve® Sprinkler Controller installs in just a few minutes. With clever features like a built in bubble level and push fit wire terminals, the XR is our the easiest sprinkler timer to install that we have ever made. The B-hyve® XR also uses a magnetic cover for easy access to your wiring and has a quick reference guide inside the cover to make operating the timer from the device a breeze.


Smart WeatherSense® receives local weather data and automatically adjusts your smart sprinkler controller to deliver the right amount of water to your plants. It does the work – allowing you to sit back and enjoy the results. All B-hyve® WeatherSense® products are EPA WaterSense Certified.

Sprinkler scheduled to run

B-hyve detects rain in the forecast

B-hyve delays watering automatically

Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, maintaining your landscaping should be as easy as pushing a button on your smartphone. The B-hyve® XR is the best wifi smart sprinkler system for maintaining your lawn no matter how big or small. With B-hyve®’s free app on iPhone or Android you set the watering schedule and monitor water usage, ultimately saving money. You can also see what your timer is doing at a glance with the 3 LCD displays making it easy to start a specific watering cycle with the push of a button on the timer itself.

Better Technology

Dual-band, high-powered radios give a stronger connection and eliminate interference making your timer easier to install and run. Control all scheduling and functions from our free B-hyve smartphone app on iOS or Android. 8 or 16 stations allow you to cover any sized yard or garden.

Smart Design

A weatherproof case allows for outdoor mounting without a protective box. A multi-color LED status light ring and button allow you to see current operations and three full-color active-matrix displays show additional information about the current weather, when next your timer will run, or why it might be in a weather delay. The sleek, attractive design means you won’t need to hide it when mounted indoors.

Automatically Adjusts to Changing Weather

The XR automatically adjusts schedules and timing around weather conditions to implement rain delays or add watering time during dry months. All this works together to keep your lawn healthy automatically and save you money.