Orbit In Ground – Sprinkler System Watering Kits

2 Zone All-In-One Sprinkler Kit

The Orbit 50021 is a complete sprinkler system that is effectively designed to reduce the burden of watering your lawn every day. This kit comes with 12 fully adjustable sprinklers (40-360 degrees) that are 4 inches above the ground. It provides a powerful, long stream of water with a spray distance of between 16 and 35 feet, ideal for large lawn areas. This easy-to-install sprinkler kit quickly connects to a hose covering 2,500 square feet of your landscape and also features the Blu-Lock pipe and fittings that create a secure and leak-free connection.

Fast and Easy Installation


Test your pressure and design your system. Your pressure will determine how far apart your sprinkler heads will need to be.

Install & Test

Connect the timer, cut the pipe, and connect the fittings. Above ground, stake or secure your sprinkler heads to the ground, then slowly turn on the water looking for any leaks.


Once you are satisfied with your system coverage, it’s time to bury the pipe. Replace sod over your trenches and cleanup any extra material from your yard. Done.

B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller

Save water, money and time with the Orbit Wi-Fi sprinkler timer. A few user inputs creates a customized sprinkler system that automatically adjusts watering each month based on your lawn or garden needs. Use a smart device as a remote control to activate your sprinklers or adjust the schedule wherever you are. Orbit’s Wi-Fi timer has an innovative dial and large LCD display that provide complete control at the timer. The sprinkler timer will continue to water on the stored schedule if you lose Wi-Fi connectivity, or you can make changes right at the timer.

Let Mother Nature Do the Heavy Lifting

Automatic Rain, Wind & Freeze Delays

Smart watering sets automatic delays for rain, wind and freezing temperatures, even when running a traditional program, saving water and money.

EPA Certified to Save Water

B-hyve is certified for the rigorous WaterSense and SWAT testing protocols (EPA, PMG-1380, 2019), ensuring it will save you water and energy.

WeatherSense Technology

Your B-hyve looks ahead at the weather forecast, shuts off water during rain, then recalculates your watering schedule.

Custom Schedules for Your Landscape

The only smart sprinkler controller that integrates catch cup technology to product professional scheduling results.

Battery Operated Controller w/1" FPT Valve

The Battery Operated Sprinkler Timer with Valve is great for repairing or retrofitting an existing sprinkler system, or installing new systems in areas where no power exists, such as fields or pastures. One set of standard batteries provides up to a year of automatic operation, and has a low battery sensor to warn when fresh batteries are required. The timer offers two programs (A and B) for multiple setting options. Installation is simple, and programming is straightforward and easy to understand.

EasySet Indoor/Outdoor Swing Door Timer

The Orbit Easy-Set Logic Sprinkler Timer takes the guesswork out of watering by helping you set a customized watering schedule for your lawn. It comes in a weatherproof cabinet, with internal transformer, for easy indoor or outdoor plug-and-go installation with hassle-free programming. It features a manual rain delay, and is compatible with a rain sensor. Easy-set logic provides for headache-free programming. Saves water in drought conditions.


What is Easy-Set?

Easy Set is the easiest way to program your timer. Devised by our decades of experience and customer feedback, Easy-Set follows a logical process that takes you through all the steps of programming.

It’s designed to be easily programmed by experienced professionals and homeowners alike. It’s designed to be a long lasting, dependable and manageable in any situation. In short, it’s designed to make sprinkler system installation and operation that much simpler.

Stop manually watering your yards. Quit struggling with the initial set up of your timer. Stop dealing with that timer that you have to constantly reprogram. Go with Orbit Easy Set Logic Timers, and save yourself time and money while your lawn looks green and lush.

B-hyve XR Smart Sprinkler Controller Indoor/Outdoor

The Orbit B-hyve XR Smart Sprinkler Timer brings innovation to a new level. B-hyve timers allow you to control your watering from anywhere in the world on your iOS or Android device or via the web app while saving water and lowering your water bill. WeatherSense technology uses advanced local weather data automatically creating watering schedules that deliver the right amount of water to your plants, avoiding any water waste. This sleek, indoor/outdoor smart timer is fully weather-resistant without the need for a costly additional weather enclosure.

B-hyve XR: The Next Generation of Smart Watering

Perfect for homeowners, landlords, property owners, and really just anyone looking to have more control over watering of all-sized lawns and gardens.

This next-generation sprinkler system is controlled from our free B-hyve app on your smartphone to set watering schedules, monitor water usage, and save money.

The XR is also a great fit for anyone with large properties, or if you have a complicated landscape with lots of signal blockers. This controller’s extended range makes it easier and more economical to keep your entire property lush and green.